7 Best Under Construction WordPress Plugins in 2019

If you are wondering how to do set up an under-construction page on your WordPress website or blog, then you have arrived at the right place.

This article contains a list of the best and actively maintained plugins which can quickly enable a coming soon or maintenance mode on your WordPress site.

An under construction page can be in either of the two modes:

  • Maintenance mode
  • Coming soon mode

People often confuse between the two.

You should display a coming soon page when your site is about to be launched. It has several benefits than showing a parked domain page.

In contrast, maintenance mode is to display that your website is temporarily down at the moment and will be back within a specified time.

Fortunately, most of these plugins allow you to select either of these modes in addition to offering several other features.

Quick Summary

Under Construction Plugins for WP
CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin
by NiteoThemes
WP Maintenance ModeDesignmodo4.2200+700k+
IgniteUpCeylon Systems4.730+30k+
Site Offline Or Coming Soon
Or Maintenance Mode
Chandra Sekhar Sahu4.8150+30k+
Under ConstructionWeb Factory Ltd4.91200+400k+

List of Best Under Construction WordPress Plugins

All the below plugins are freely available from the WordPress plugin repository. Some of them offer a premium version also. The list is actively maintained and will be kept up-to-date.


SeedProd is by far one of the most popular coming soon plugins available for WordPress users. With more than 1 million installations the plugin has an excellent rating also.

SeedProd Coming Soon - Best Under Construction Plugin
SeedProd Coming Soon - Best Under Construction Plugin

The free version comes with the option to add a custom background image. From the Advanced tab, you can also add custom scripts to header or footer. You can even add custom HTML completely replacing the built-in template code. It includes both coming soon and maintenance modes.

The SeedProd Pro version comes with loads of other features like email subscription form, countdown timer, and real-time page builder.

Verdict: SeedProd has achieved a nice balance by giving adequate features and customizations without compromising usability.

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CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin by NiteoThemes

If you ask me to pick one plugin from this list, then this is it. CMP by NiteoThemes has a good balance between simplicity and customizability.

CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin by NiteoThemes
CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin by NiteoThemes
CMP with the Countdown theme

Among the three available themes, Countdown is my favorite. It feels complete with a custom logo, custom background, heading, timer, message, email form, social icons, and footer note. You can also change the text fonts to any of the available google fonts. You can disable the timer if you don’t want.

Verdict: This is my personal favorite. The free plugin has great customizability and the design looks nice.

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WP Maintenance Mode

It is another plugin I liked very much. However, I feel that it doesn’t receive the rating it deserves. The plugin is free and does not have a pro version.

WP Maintenance Plugin
WP Maintenance Plugin

WP Maintenance mode by Designmodo includes all the essential features one needs for a maintenance plugin. It comes with stock background photos and color customization options. Countdown timer, contact form, and a basic subscription form are the highlights of this plugin which most other plugins do not offer for free.

In addition, you can even enable a chatbot right from the plugin and make the whole experience more engaging. However, the central position of the chatbox seems unusual.

Verdict: A great and free product with all the essential features required for a coming soon plugin.

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IgniteUp is a no-nonsense plugin with customizable coming soon and maintenance page templates.

IgniteUp Coming Soon Plugin
IgniteUp Coming Soon
IgniteUp Coming Soon

There are four free templates, each with the option to tweak backgrounds and texts. However, the template options vary slightly between the templates. For example, if you choose the template with the custom logo option, the countdown timer is not available and vice-versa. If that doesn’t concern you, it is a very good plugin.

The pro version has video backgrounds, animation effects, contact form, and location map features.

Verdict: As the plugin page itself describes, it is a decent plugin with good and customizable templates.

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Site Offline

Site Offline plugin looks very neat on the front-end. The plugin has a good rating and 20k+ installations.

Site Offline Plugin
Site Offline Plugin

However, the admin area looks a bit chaotic – at least to me – compared to the other plugins. Another issue is that the plugin’s stylesheet overrides the default WordPress styles including the body font. It should not be a problem for your visitors though.

There are no pre-defined templates but you can customize each aspect of the design.

The Pro version comes with templates and email sign-up forms along with MailChimp integration.

Verdict: Except for the unconventional admin area, Site Offline is a good plugin with all the features found on other plugins. Email opt-in form is missing though.

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Under Construction

This plugin by WebFactory is straightforward and easy to set up. However, its major drawback is that its free version does not include a maintenance mode.

Under Construction Plugin

The settings page is cleanly organized with tabbed navigation – Main, Design, Content, Access, Support & PRO. You can switch on the Under Construction mode from the main tab.

There are also options for changing the message text, page title, and description. Other notable features include custom CSS, google analytics integration and social media profile buttons.

The free version includes a bunch of themes. However, most of the good-looking themes are available only on the pro version. The free themes are ok but nothing great. Also, a countdown timer feature is also missing in this plugin.

Verdict: A simple plugin for basic coming soon pages. Maintenance mode is missing though.

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Elementor Page Builder

Lastly, if Elementor is your favorite page builder, you need not look for another coming soon plugin. You can switch on the maintenance mode directly from the Elementor menu. For that, go to Elementor > Tools and then go to the Maintenance Mode and select the required mode.

Elementor Page Builder

However, you have to create a template for the page. If that is time-consuming, you can always use any of the other plugins mentioned above in addition to Elementor.

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So we have looked at the top plugins for quickly creating an under construction page. Each has its own merits and demerits. So choose one based on your requirements. Always read the plugin description and support history before installing a plugin.

Is your favorite plugin not on this list? If so, mention it in the comments.

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