Best CDN Providers for WordPress Websites
Web Performance

9 Best CDN Providers for WordPress Website

Are you looking for a suitable content delivery network for your WordPress website? It is a crucial thing to make your website load faster. There are several CDN providers out there. However, each of them […]

Best blogging platforms
Apps & Tools

10 Best Blogging Platforms in 2020

Are you thinking about starting a blog, but confused about which platform to choose? I was also in the same place. That’s why I’ve done a study about the best blogging platforms available out there […]

How to set up Cloudflare on WordPress
Web Performance

How to Set up Cloudflare on WordPress

You might have already heard that Cloudflare is a great way to make your websites faster. But how to integrate it properly? In this post, you will see how to set up Cloudflare on WordPress […]

Hostinger Review
Web Hosting

Hostinger Review: Pros, Cons & Speed Tests

After forming in 2004, this Lithuania-based hosting company has gained a lot of momentum after rebranding to Hostinger in 2011. Look at this google trends graph. Although there is a little slump in recent years, […]

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