best website builders
Website Builders

9 Best Website Builders in 2021

Currently, many of the articles on this website are related to WordPress, which is a content management system. Using a CMS is only one of the many options available in front of you to make […]

How to stop WordPress spam comments
Web Security

9 Ways to Stop WordPress Spam Comments

There won’t be a single internet user who hasn’t heard the word spam. They often look like unnecessary or misleading messages containing hyperlinks to illegitimate websites. You can see such messages often in email inboxes […]

WordPress Maintenance Services
WordPress Tips

10 Best WordPress Maintenance & Help Services

Running a WordPress website is not like running a static HTML website. WordPress is a complex software, which involves many components – a database, PHP codebase, content files, plugins, themes, etc. It requires regular maintenance […]

Digitalocean vs. Linode
Cloud Platforms

DigitalOcean vs Linode

Both DigitalOcean and Linode are cloud infrastructure providers who share a lot of similarities. And for the same reason, comparing the two providers and getting to a conclusion is not an easy task. Linode was […]

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